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Are you looking for a great Cydia alternative? Thousands of people use HipStore App every day, simply because it provides access to a large choice of modified apps and games, a few Cydia tweaks and plenty of other content.hipstore app icon

And it’s all free

But what if HipStore doesn’t work for you?

While it is a stable and reliable app, some users have complained that they can’t get it to run on their iPhone or iPad. And others say that while they can install it, not all the apps or games work.

There really is nothing to worry about

If HipStore doesn’t work for you, try another one. There are several alternatives and we’re going o look at just three of the very best alternatives to HipStore.

Let’s get started.

  • TutuApp


TutuApp was one of the first Cydia alternatives released and it offers a vast choice of apps, games, and Cydia tweaks


Even better

It comes in two flavors – free and paid. The paid version offers a few more apps than the free one but it excels in terms of performance.

Panda Helper App:

panda helper

Panda Helper is another excellent alternative, with hundreds of apps and games to choose from.


There is also one of the best choices of modified apps, such as Snapchat++, Spotify++. MovieBox and more. And, with regular updates, the developers just keep those apps coming.

Wait, there’s more

ACMarket App : ( for Android Users )


ACMarket is an Android alternative, providing a heap of modified and tweaked Android apps. It looks like the official store and it acts like it too.


And with a huge choice of modified apps, like Spotify++ and MovieBox, and tweaked game like Pokémon Go and GTA, ACMarket is probably the best Android alternative available today.

And we’re done

All three of these app installers provide huge amounts of content and are all great alternatives to both Cydia and HipStore.

The best part is

They are all free

Take your pick, download your choice and let us know what you think of it.

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