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This page lists the most commonly asked questions we hear about HipStore app installer. If you have questions that have not been answered, please Contact Us or use the comments box below and we will try to find the answers for you. You can also get answers by joining our discussions on Facebook.

hipstore faq

What is HipStore ?

HipStore is a third-party app installer, an unofficial store that provides free access to a huge range of games and apps. Many have been modified to work differently and to provide extra features, including the in-app purchases that you would have to pay for normally. Everything is free and there is no requirement to install Cydia first so more people can use HipStore.

Note :  We do not encourage nor do we condone piracy in any format. Please use HipStore to try apps and games and then consider purchasing them officially to provide support to the developer.

I Get an Untrusted Developer Error , How Do I Fix it ?

untrusted developer

This will show up after installation and is telling you that Apple doesn’t know or trust the source. We need to tell them that it is trusted and here’s how:

  1. Open your iOS Settings app and go to General > Profile & Device Management
  2. Look for the HipStore profile in the list and tap it
  3. Tap on Trust, close Settings and HipStore will work without the Untrusted Developer error appearing

I Need to Trust an Enterprise App, How Do I Do It ?

This is simple enough to do:

  1. Open iOS Settings > General > Profile & Device Management
  2. Locate the section for Enterprise apps
  3. Tap the name of the app distributor
  4. Tap Trust and then Trust again
  5. Close Settings, the app will now run properly

Will HipStore Void My Warranty ?

No, it will not. HipStore runs in the same way as any official app does; unlike Cydia, it doesn’t break the security chains that Apple places on the iOS. However, some of the apps and tweaks in HipStore may void your warranty. If you need to return your device to an Apple store, delete the tweak or app first – you can install it again later.

I Can’t Download HipStore or it Can’t Be Verified , What Went Wrong?

The reason for this is that Apple has revoked the HipStore app certificate because it is not official. HipStore makes use of expired enterprise certificates and, although they do keep them updated regularly with new ones, occasionally Apple revokes a certificate before they can renew it. Delete HipStore from your device and wait until it has been updated. If you Like us on Facebook, click Following > See First, you will get the latest updates to your news feed as they are published.

You may also see this when you try installing one of the modified ++ apps while you still have the stock version on your device. Delete the official app first and then install the modified app again.

Unable to Install HipStore:

unable to install hipstore

You will see this error when HipStore crashes and this is likely down to one of two reasons – your internet connection or the app certificate has been revoked. Check your internet connection in the first place; if all is OK, wait for an hour or so to let the developers update the certificate and then try using HipStore again – it should work now.

Can I Ask The Developers For a Specific App ?

Yes, you can use their Twitter feed for this purpose. However, we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted; they receive thousands of requests and may not be able to action all of them.

All My Apps Crashed, What Now ?

The fix is easy , delete HipStore and all your apps and then reinstall them.

What is MovieBox ?

MovieBox is an exceptionally useful HipStore download, an app that allows free access to literally thousands of movies and TV Show episodes.  With a choice of streaming direct, downloading for offline watching, Airplay support and more, MovieBox is a popular choice for movie aficionados. You do need to bear in mind that streaming is done via P2P torrents.

Is It Illegal to Use MovieBox ?

Technically, yes. The MovieBox developers have not got any permission to stream copyrighted material; the owners of the TV shows and the movies have not given any permission for their content to be streamed by a third-party either.

Can I Use an Emulator on My iPhone ?

Although emulators were not designed to be used on iOS devices, Cydia gave us the opportunity to do so. Now we don’t need Cydia because HipStore provides a few emulators that we can all use on our iOS devices without having to jailbreak.

Are the Games Emulators Safe ?

Provided you download your games emulators from official sources such as HipStore, they are perfectly safe to use. You should, as a precaution, use a virus scanner to check the emulator when you have downloaded it. Be aware though; emulators are legal, the games roms are not.

What Does an Emulator Do ?

Emulators are designed to make a host system act as if it is another, a guest system. With an emulator, which may be hardware or software, the host can be used to run other hardware or software designed for the guest system. With HipStore, the games emulators will let you play Nintendo, PlayStation and other console games on an iPhone iPad or iPod Touch.

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