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With over a billion users every month, Instagram is certainly a popular video and photo sharing app but it doesn’t have all the features it should have. Instagram++ does have those features, giving you an app that does everything you could possibly ask of an app of its type and greatly improving your user experience.

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Instagram++ Features :

Instagram++ offers lots of features over and above what the stock app does, including:

  • Choosing thumbnail or full feed
  • Hiding your bio so it doesn’t show up on your profile
  • Add custom data and time formats to your timestamps
  • Disable comments from showing up in full feed
  • Choosing thumbnails for HQ images
  • Long-holding an image to zoom in on it
  • View the image captions when you zoom in on an image
  • Share your media easily using the built-in share-sheet
  • Download your images straight to your camera roll
  • A simple double-tap will allow you to share or download your images
  • You will not need to install Cydia to use Instagram++

How to Install Instagram++ :

Instagram++ is well worth trying, just to try all the extra features for yourself. Before you rush off to download it, though, have a read through the download instructions and choose the method that you think will be best for you.

Method 1: iOS

hipstore app icon

HipStore is a comprehensive app installer that is full of useful apps and games, some of them modified like Instagram++. Here’s how you download it:

  1. Using the linked tutorial, download HipStore app onto your device
  2. Open the app from your home screen, find Instagram++ and download it or click on this ( link ).

Take a few minutes out to see what else TweakBox has that you might be interested in.

Method 2: Android APK

You will need to use the .apk file for this method so do make sure that you follow each step as it is written.

  1. Download HipStore for Android following the linked article.
  2. Now download the Instagram++ .apk file from this ( link )
  3. Follow the instructions on installing the apk file.

Instagram++ offers so much more than the stock app does and because you don’t need to involve Cydia in the process, anyone can make use of it. Have a go with Instagram++ today and see what you think of it. For more updates and news about Instagram++, you can follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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