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HipStore is an installer that offers apps , games and modified content Absolutely FREE !!hipstore app icon

HipStore app is the number #1 Jailbreak alternative, providing iPhone and iPad users with access 3rd party content without jailbreaking.

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Hipstore is also supported on Android devices . You wont find any of these apps in the official play store because they doesn’t allow modified content.

HipStore Android

Supported iOS Versions :

Popular Apps :


hip4uGet App
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How to Use HipStore App :

When you have downloaded HipStore and it is on your iOS or Android device, using it is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Open HipStore by tapping the app icon on your homepage
  2. Choose your favorite app category and tap on it hipstore_ apps
  3. Search for your chosen games or apps or browse the list to see what’s on offer
  4. Tap your choice to download and wait for it to install

HipStore has been fully secured with SSL encryption so it is completely safe for you to use. It is also monitored and updated regularly with bug fixes and new features.

HipStore Features :

HipStore is like an unofficial app store, offering the following features for any user:

  • Available in multiple download languages
  • Thousands of apps and games, all free
  • Loads of modified apps and games hipstore_iphone_1
  • Other content that you cant get anywhere else, including a selection of themes, ringtones, media apps and more
  • Works on all iOS devices from iOS 9 and up.
  • Also compatible with Android
  • Many more features

Frequently Asked Questions

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