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HipStore is a very popular method of downloading apps and games that have been modified with extra features, including in-app features that would otherwise cost to purchase. At one time, the only way to get content like this was to download Cydia but we are seeing fewer updates as time goes by and now most iOS users no longer have access to the third-party store.

hipstore unable to download

With HipStore, that no longer matters and if you want to see what the fuss is about, head over to the link for more information about HipStore and how to download it.

Fixing HipStore Errors :

hipstore app unable to download

It is fair to say that some users have experienced a few minor issues with HipStore, mostly on installation.   The message that users are seeing tells you “Unable to Download App” but fixing it really is very easy. The error appears because, as far as Apple is concerned, HipStore is not a trusted app – it’s up to you to tell Apple that it can be downloaded and that is very simple indeed. Here’s how you do it:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open your Settings and go to General
  2. Navigate to Profile and Device Management and you will see a list of profiles
  3. Tap the profile for HipStore and then tap the Trust button
  4. Close your settings app down and try installing HipStore again , you will find it now works as it should.

This type of error appears when an app is downloaded externally to the iOS app store, usually because Apple will not let it be hosted in the store. This does not mean that HipStore is not safe to use because it is. The app developers have put it through tough testing, ensuring that there is no malware, nothing that can interfere with anything else on your device and is perfectly reliable to use.

HipStore is a really useful app installer, providing vast amounts of extra content for all users. Because it doesn’t rely on Cydia to work, anyone can use, regardless of iOS device and iOS version so try it, not forgetting to tell Apple that it is a trusted app, and see how you get on with it. We don’t know when or even if Cydia will be updated again; HipStore may well be the best option you have if you want those modified apps and games back on your iPhone or iPad.

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